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How to Charge Laptop with HDMI? Fast & Safe Method (2021)

There are many different ways you can charge your laptop. One option is to use the old-fashioned method of running an electrical cord from your outlet to the laptop.

Another option is to turn on your laptop to make it work, even when the battery is dead. However, this leaves you without a way to see your laptop screen. A third option is to use an external monitor. This requires no power source other than the laptop.

If you want a clean and simple way to charge your laptop without having to plug it in, then the HDMI kit is the best option for you. In this article, Little iApps will walk you through How to charge laptop with HDMI. Let’s get started!

What is HDMI?

HDMI may be a term you are familiar with, but what does it mean? HDMI stands for High Definition Multimedia Interface. It sounds a little complicated. However, it makes sense. It is designed to deliver high-resolution audio and video (or multimedia).

A number or version number usually follows HDMI. HDMI, like many other standards, has been improved over time. The higher the number, it indicates that more recent HDMI is.

What are the benefits of HDMI?

HDMI has many advantages over other standards. HDMI can transport both audio and video, which gives it an advantage over older standards. What is the result? The result?

HDMI has become more flexible in recent versions. HDMI can now transfer 3D and Ethernet data in one cable. This is one of the main benefits of HDMI. This makes it much easier to set up a home theatre system.

HDMI is a data transfer protocol and has many connectors. There are also Micro HDMI and Mini HDMI connectors that can be used in devices such as camcorders, laptops, or tablets.

How to Charge a Laptop with an HDMI?

How to Charge a Laptop with an HDMI (2)

Let’s get to it! An HDMI cable can be used to charge your laptop as long as it can support it.

This is how it’s done in just three steps so that you don’t run out of batteries again. Follow our steps by reading on!

Step 1: Check your Laptop

Before we can proceed with charging, let’s first make sure that your laptop is capable of supporting it. The number of ports on laptops is decreasing as they become thinner.

You can check both sides of your laptop to see if there is an HDMI port.

You will need adaptors because Macbooks don’t have HDMI ports. While laptops from other brands may have more options, we recommend that you check the specifications of your laptop before proceeding.

An HDMI adapter cable is required for laptops without an HDMI port.

You won’t be able to charge your laptop using the HDMI cord without an adaptor or port. Adapters can be found online and in retail stores. They are not expensive and easy to find if you do need one.

Step 2: Make Connections

Once you’ve found an adapter and your HDMI Cable, it’s time for your laptop to be charged! Connect the HDMI cable to your TV with HDMI support. Connect the HDMI connector to another end of your cable.

Make sure that your connections are secure and that the ports work correctly. It’s not what you want.

Double-check your ports before connecting to your laptop. This will ensure that the connection works. Laptops equipped with HDMI ports are set for a smooth ride. No need to worry about adapters or cables!

If you don’t have one, you will need a USB to HDMI adapter. The adapter can be attached to your HDMI cable and connected to your computer.

Step 3: Test Your Connections and Finish Your Test

The end is coming! Connect your HDMI cable and adapter to your laptop.

Verify that the connection worked correctly and that the adapter and cable are correctly seated in the port. This is where you might need to make adjustments to ensure that the connection is secure.

It has worked! If your laptop turns on or flashes, rejoice! If your laptop does not turn on, you can remove the HDMI cable and try again.

You might have a problem with one of your connections. It can sometimes take several tries before you succeed, especially if adapters are needed on both ends.

Also, make sure your TV works and that the connection is secure. If all you see is static, it could be an issue with your power source.

To eliminate the problem, connect your HDMI cable to another TV if possible. If your laptop is still not charging, it could be the HDMI port or your laptop. You can then perform further tests to determine the cause.

If your laptop is charging, you may leave it on and continue using it as usual. Make sure you don’t remove the cable from your laptop until it is fully charged. Although charging your laptop with a charger might take longer, an HDMI cable can be used in emergencies.

Other Ways To Charge Laptop Without Charger

How to Charge a Laptop with an HDMI (3)

Now that you are aware that HDMI is not safe for charging your device, what other options do you have?

You can use a USB cable if you don’t want to use an HDMI Cable. You might be curious about whether a USB is safe, even though you already know that HDMI should not be used.

Can you charge your laptop using USB? Yes! If you don’t have your charger, a USB is a safer way to charge your laptop.

There are three main types of USB on the market.

  • Type A
  • Type B
  • Type C

Type A is the largest and most famous of the three. All laptops can use Type-A USB pins, except for thin notebooks. The USB port can charge your laptop with a 5V or 500mA charge.

A USB cable can be used to charge your laptop. It would be helpful to have a USB-to-Type-C converter for this purpose. The USB should be connected to the power source. Next, connect the USB cable to the Type-C converter at the other end. Connect the Type-C cord to the converter and connect it to the laptop.

This process will require you to have a converter.

External Battery

This is the traditional power bank. Laptops, which are the latest in laptop technology, can be charged like a smartphone. The power bank can be used to charge these laptops.

It’s the same process as charging a cell phone. You will only need a type C cord and a battery bank. It will charge when you connect one end of the cord to the power bank and the other to the type C port on the laptop.

With Phone

This is the same concept as the previous one. The phone can be used to charge the laptop. A dual Type-C port would be a good idea. The cable should be connected to your phone and the other end to the notebook. This isn’t an excellent method as your phone must have a sufficient charge to provide some power to the laptop.

Car charging

All cars are equipped with USB ports that can charge mobile phones and other devices. These ports can also be used to charge your laptop. To do this, ensure your car is properly ignited.

Next, connect the USB end to the USB pin. The charging end is connected to your laptop. You are now ready to charge your laptop. Don’t worry if your car doesn’t have USB ports to charge your laptop. It is possible to install a port anywhere on the car at a cheaper price.


Is HDMI safe to charge your laptop using HDMI?

Specialized adapters for laptops provide regulated voltage to charge them. HDMI is an excellent option for watching HD movies on large screens or using quality systems. 

HDMI adapters can also provide a lot of current or voltage, which can be a problem for electrical appliances.

If you find yourself stuck, we recommend that you charge your laptop with an HDMI cable. If you cannot charge your laptop using the HDMI cable, the laptop’s adapter is best.

Can you charge your laptop without a charger?

Yes, you can charge your laptop without a charger. For instance, you can plug your laptop into an old phone charger, or you can use your car charger in the event that you have one. You can also invest in solar chargers, or in generators that work on fuel.

Is it possible to charge your laptop with the help of another laptop?

You can place your laptop’s battery on another brand laptop. You can then charge the battery and place it back. Make sure the battery has the same voltage as the original. It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t fit. It doesn’t mean you have to put at risk damaging the other laptop.

How do I manually charge my laptop battery?

If you don’t have a power cord for your laptop or a charger that can power your laptop with a cord, you can use a built-in battery to manually charge the laptop.

Plug your laptop in and turn it on to charge the battery. Leave the laptop running until it is fully charged. Plug the laptop into an AC outlet using the power cord. Turn the laptop on and leave it running until it is fully charged.


This guide discussed charging a laptop with an HDMI cable. Ensure that your laptop and TV have a secure connection by plugging in an HDMI cable. Make sure you don’t have an extension cable or the cable is too long.

Thanks for reading our guide on How to Charge a Laptop with an HDMI Cable. Please drop in any suggestions or questions in the comments section below.


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