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Confession: A Roman Catholic App

I have used other app and this one is much clearer and didn’t make me repeat myself as often. Plus I love the “it’s been X long since my last confession…” This was a very helpful when I hadn’t gone in over a year.Five Stars
This app is well-made adn well thought through. It is especially useful in helping you build up a list over the course of a week or two so that things are less likely to be forgotten in the confessional.Five Stars
I have used this app for a couple of years now. One of the most useful aspects is that it keeps me both grounded and honest in being throrough and I have found that each time I use it I dig deeper and remember more.Five Stars


This is an excellent tool for prayer, reflection and immersion in the life of our beloved and wonderful Pope John Paul the Great. The Novena reminder function is especially useful for those of us using ipad daily.Five Stars
John Paul II has always been my inspiration ever since my younger days. So having his words and prayers at my fingertip help me to get the encouragement I need. Absolutely a great app, with wonderful photos, prayers and devotions.Five Stars
What another great gift to the Church. This is a well timed and practical resource for prayer. Those who had a special love for JPII will find this app to be a great new way to pray.Five Stars


The app itself is fantastic! The Pope could not have come up with a better way to help the modern apostle keep up with the universal Church!Five Stars
I love this app and the content area of the news stories. It is not littered with too many things, but allows you to see where the mind if the Holy See is on a given day or during certain time periods and events. This is important to me as a Catholic.Five Stars
I love this app! This has strengthened my conscience and given me a stronger appreciation for human dignity and Christian solidarity!Five Stars

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