Best Netflix Alternatives

Top 18 Best Netflix Alternatives for 2022 You Should Try

Netflix is a streaming service that offers its users access to a library of TV shows, movies, and documentaries. It is available in 190 countries and can be accessed on a variety of devices, including smartphones, laptops, and smart TVs. Netflix has become one of the most popular streaming services in the world, but it’s not the only one. In this article, we’ll take a look at 18 of the best Netflix alternatives.

Why Would You Want To Use A Netflix Alternative?

The most common reason why people go for Netflix alternatives is financial constraints; since you can’t watch too much without getting charged more if you aren’t subscribed to their premium package (which would set you back $13 per month at minimum). Another major reason is that they’re geo-restricted; meaning that they only work in certain countries. So if you happen to live in a place where Netflix isn’t available, or simply don’t like it for one reason or another, using a Netflix alternative is the way to go.

List of 18 Alternatives to Netflix

#1 Peacock


  • Website:

Peacock, which is owned by the same company that owns NBC, is a free Netflix competitor with a large collection of movies and television episodes. Because this streaming service is free, you will encounter advertising. However, I liked that it does not require a credit card throughout the registration procedure, unlike Netflix.

The layout of the site is simple and uncluttered, with enough contrast between sections to make it easy to grasp. Furthermore, the service’s home region is quite comparable to those of other well-known streaming services such as Netflix and Disney+, making navigation a breeze. It also has a section for children that contains a decent amount of content, although HBO Max is not comparable.

However, the free selection is rather modest. As a result, if you want to view anything on Peacock, you must subscribe to Premium (which is less expensive than Netflix and unquestionably worthwhile), which unlocks everything but retains the advertising, or Premium Plus (which also eliminates advertisements), which is more expensive than Netflix but worth it.

#2 IMDb TV


  • Website:

An Amazon-owned service, IMDb TV, which provides a large collection of films and television series for free, ad-supported streaming, makes it a viable Netflix competitor. I liked how this platform maintained the IMDb spirit by putting programs and movies in categories such as popularity and rating. However, it also implies that genres cannot be discovered through recommendations. There’s also a section dedicated to Hidden Gems (see below). Interesting!

The reason for its popularity is that it works with almost any device or platform, from Apple TV and iPhone to Firestick, Blu-ray players, smart TVs, and desktops. While it has a respectable collection, Peacock or Pluto TV can’t compete in terms of quantity. IMDb TV isn’t for you if you want to watch original programming because unlike subscription-based streaming services such as Netflix or Amazon Prime, it doesn’t offer a lot of original programming that hasn’t yet achieved cult status!

The main disadvantage is that it is now only accessible in the United States.

#3 Plex


  • Website:

Plex is a well-known media server that has been in operation for a long period of time. The firm just launched an internet streaming service for its customers. You’ll be able to view a variety of free movies, TV shows, and documentaries. If you live outside the United States, the library will look much more appealing to you. Users will have access to material whenever they choose, although with advertisements.

It’s really easy to get started with Plex. You may even have many accounts, allowing you to pick and choose. Parental controls are also included in profiles, making them extremely safe for kids. Plex’s database is always expanding as new content is added.

#4 Tubi


  • Website:

Tubi is another free ad-supported streaming service with a vast movie and television series library. Paramount, MGM, Warner Brothers, and Lionsgate are just a few of the major studios represented. The site has an easy-to-navigate design that makes finding movies and episodes simple. While you won’t find the most recent films here, there are plenty of classic flicks to keep you entertained. Tubi is also distinctive in that it classifies films.

Fox Studios is developing original material for the service in the future, however it does not now provide any unique episodes or movies. Fox Studios is said to be creating original content for the service in the future. Although a film or TV program may include a few advertisements, they are usually brief and inconspicuous. You may also choose not to view an advertisement again if you dislike it.

#5 Crackle


  • Website:

Despite the fact that it is a new streaming website, Crackle is a brand-new movie streaming service. Despite the fact that some of the market’s larger companies have more online visitors, Crackle continues to attract more internet traffic than other players. It should come as no surprise if Crackle becomes Netflix’s largest streaming competitor in the near future. Subscribers to Crackle refer to it as “the free Netflix,” indicating that it may compete with Netflix as a viable substitute.

Crackle is a subsidiary of Sony Electronics, and with Sony’s resources, it can offer a broad range of TV episodes, series, and movies. Crackle has a large collection of movies from several film genres, including Hollywood, Bollywood, and others.

#6 Vudu


  • Website:

Vudu is a video streaming service owned by Walmart that offers a large selection of films and television series. Vudu has close to 10,000 titles available to watch for free. The service makes money by displaying advertising throughout the film’s playback and selling a premium package with extra material. It will ask for your payment card information, but you have the option to refuse it.

Unlike other websites, Vudu strongly advises you to create an account in order to view the free stuff. After you’ve created an account, you’ll be brought to a login screen where you can enter your email address and password; there are no security questions or personal identification numbers (PIN) necessary here either!

Vudu’s user interface is simple to use and readily adapts across a wide range of platforms. The free stuff is neatly separated from the paid content, making it very easy to find. You may also rapidly switch between films/TV episodes and arrange items by sorting by Most Watched, Release Date, or Genre.

#7 Pluto TV

Pluto TV

  • Website:

Pluto TV is a fantastic alternative to Netflix if you’re looking for a streaming service with a large number of live television. This ViacomCBS-owned streaming service offers access to over 250 live television stations. Users may also watch different notable movies and television series on demand through the service. Live television channels such as VH1 Reality, MTV Teen, and TV Land Drama are available right now without the need for registration.

Pluto TV is a free service that offers over-the-air channels and on-demand entertainment. It has a simple user interface that allows for fast navigation between different services, such as live television and on-demand movies. If you don’t want to pay for cable television but do want access to a more limited selection of live television stations, Pluto TV is the service for you. The on-demand movies are also quite entertaining.

#8 Apple TV+

Apple TV+

  • Website:

If you want a less expensive alternative to Netflix, Apple TV+ is an excellent choice. It costs $4.99 per month and provides access to high-budget original television series, programs, and movies. While there isn’t live television here, you do get your money’s worth. Apple TV+ is a cutting-edge streaming service that just launched; as a result, it does not currently provide a large selection of programming. What you will find, on the other hand, is top quality information.

You’ll get ad-free, 4K HDR video that looks fantastic on high-resolution displays, such as the new iPhone 12 series. You get a one-year membership to Apple TV+ for free when you buy a new Apple device. The app is easy to use and works on both iPhone and iPad. Prepare to get immersed in a show by choosing one. Of course, the collection isn’t as big as Netflix’s, but it does feature some excellent original programming. It’s also available in over 100 different countries.

#9 Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video

  • Website:

Without a doubt, Amazon Prime Video is the most serious competitor to Netflix. It not only offers a wide selection of well-known movies and television shows, but also original programming. Additionally, you may download your favorite programs and watch them later using Amazon Prime Video.

You may watch Amazon Prime Video on up to three devices at the same time. You’ll get free delivery on millions of Amazon purchases when you join up for Amazon Prime. Additionally, you’ll get early access to flash sales and the opportunity to keep your photos on Amazon Drive for free.

#10 HBO Max


  • Website:

HBO’s video streaming service is fantastic. There’s always something intriguing to watch, from current popular shows like as Chernobyl to classics such as The Sopranos. Westworld, Game of Thrones, and Barry are examples of notable HBO series. In addition, there are a number of future concerts to anticipate. Take a look at some more here if you like them.

HBO Max also has a distinct programming lineup from HBO. This area comprises of comedy series such as Friends, The Big Bang Theory, South Park, and The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, as well as TV dramas like Doctor Who and Pretty Little Liars. It also includes Warner Bros. movies that are not currently accessible on HBO.

There’s a lot more to the service than just HBO, though; you may also access material from WarnerMedia’s other cable television networks such as TNT, TBS, TruTV, Adult Swim, Cartoon Network, and CNN. Finally there are Criterion selections and Studio Ghibli animation.

HBO Max costs $14.99 per month, and HBO Go is free. There’s also a new, lower-cost option for $9.99 a month that includes up to four minutes of advertising every hour. Additionally, you will not be able to access the Warner Bros. theatrical film schedule in 2021. While it isn’t the cheapest service on our list, it is still well worth the money due to the amount of great material accessible.

#11 Disney+


  • Website:

If you like Disney, you should subscribe to Disney+ right now! Furthermore, as a result of the Disney-Marvel collaboration, you can now watch not just Disney content, but also other popular titles. The membership is less expensive than other services and gives access to a large number of materials. Users may watch on up to four devices at once, which is convenient, and you have the option to set up up to seven unique user accounts on all platforms. The app is straightforward to use on all platforms and has well-defined market categories and options.

The site also follows similar qualities to other streaming services discussed above, such as suggesting movies and TV shows based on what you watch. I enjoy being able to view the Star Wars series or any Marvel movie whenever I want. Furthermore, you may save material for offline viewing using your smartphone.

#12 Hulu


  • Website:

Hulu is the leading choice for both TV and live-streaming, with popular series like Seinfeld, ER, and Futurama. There are also a few unique series accessible, including The Handmaid’s Tale, which has been widely praised. Hulu’s distinctiveness comes from the fact that it distributes new episodes of some of the most popular shows one day after they premiere on television. Netflix frequently releases a complete season of a program at once, requiring you to wait an additional day to begin viewing.

Hulu is priced at $5.99 per month, with advertisements included. In addition, for $11.99 each month, you may get rid of the commercials. You may also customize Hulu by picking from an add-on selection that includes Cinemax, Showtime, Starz, and HBO as well as live TV channel packages (ABC, FOX, CNN, and so on) starting at $64.99 per month. Unlike Netflix, Hulu is only available in the United States and Japan. The service is not accessible internationally in contrast to Netflix.

#13 Acorn TV

Acorn TV

  • Website:

Another reputable streaming service is Acorn TV. It, on the other hand, isn’t as popular as some of the others listed here. It has a large selection of television programs from all around the world. You’ll enjoy Acorn TV if you like British programming! Acorn TV is presently only accessible in the United States and Canada, with about 250 shows available. Furthermore, there are no plans to make episodes downloadable for later viewing.

I appreciated how straightforward it was to browse the UI and how quickly the scrubbing bar moved. Simply press forward, and you’ll be fine as long as your connection is stable. The lower resolution, however, for some or all of the episodes may be a little aggravating, particularly given the availability of devices that support 4K HDR. Nonetheless, for fans of British television, this is an intriguing service to investigate and subscribe to.

#14 Starz Play

Starz Play

  • Website:

In recent years, premium networks have launched their own streaming services to provide the episodes and movies. Starz Play is a project of Starz, one of the most well-known premium TV networks in the United States. For $7.99 per month, residents of the United States or Puerto Rico can subscribe to a portfolio of limited releases from top filmmakers including Woody Allen, Martin Scorsese, Steven Spielberg, James Cameron and more. If you’re unsure whether Premium Networks are worth it for you, try out their free seven-day trial. While signing up for the trial is completely free, you will be asked to supply your payment details.

The app may be downloaded from Google Play, the Apple App Store, and Roku. You can also download and view your favorite movies and series offline, in addition to streaming them. Only five devices can be registered at once, with two of them being permitted simultaneous access.

#15 Hooq


  • Website:

Hooq is a popular streaming service in Pakistan, which offers on-demand access to over 100 television series and 2000 films. Despite the fact that they aren’t spectacular, especially when compared to industry giants like Netflix and Amazon, they are steadily increasing. It’s also less expensive than its rivals, starting at just Rs. 89 (about $1) per month. If you want to check it out for yourself, there’s a 30-day trial available.

The service offers over 2000 titles, but not all of them are available to stream. Releases from the last six months or so are only available for rental. It is, however, quite inexpensive. For $1 a month, you get access to an enormous number of fantastic movies.

#16 Fandor


  • Website:

Netflix and Amazon have a lot of unique movies and documentaries, but they focus on content that will appeal to the majority of their viewers. Fandor, which launched in 2011, offers over 4000 indie works. For $10 per month, you’ll be able to view rarities that aren’t available anywhere else. You’ll love what Fandor has to offer if you’re tired of seeing the same Hollywood garbage all the time.

Before allowing a film to be hosted on their website, Fandor checks it out carefully. You’ll have the choice of a few hand-picked films and documentaries to watch. Read the film’s description thoroughly to figure out what you’re getting yourself into. These comprehensive analyses do an excellent job of diving into the movies. While $10 per month is quite expensive, you will get unlimited access to a vast pool of curated material that is only available on this site.

#17 Mubi


  • Website:

The Auteurs was once known as a social network for cinephiles, but when they changed their business strategy to be more contemporary, everything changed. They’ve transformed into Mubi, a movie streaming service that focuses only on the art of movies and is hence considered the online cineteca par excellence. The platform supports most major operating systems, including Windows, Linux, MacOS, Android, Samsung SmartTVs, and Apple’s iOS.

Mubi’s aim is to create the next generation of content, and it does so by using groundbreaking technology to give people a better way to discover new entertainment. Mubi offers film recommendations based on your tastes and preferences, as well as other personalized features. The service also gives users access to curated playlists that act like personal radio stations featuring their favorite songs from across the genres they enjoy. It promotes films such as Pulp Fiction, 2001: A Space Odyssey, A Clockwork Orange, and The Godfather, among others. Mubi is one of those services with a free trial period that makes numerous claims. There is a 7-day trial period for this service.

#18 Kanopy


  • Website:

You’re undoubtedly aware that you must pay to watch critically hailed indie movies, instructional materials, family-friendly material, or vintage films if you want to do so. That isn’t the case anymore because of Kanopy, which provides highly revered titles like Eighth Grade, Amy, Moonlight, and Chinatown for free with a library card.

You’ll find a variety of classic content in the Kanopy Kids section, including Mo Willems’ endearing pigeon and duckling cartoons, as well as a slew of PBS specials with well-known motifs like Sesame Street, Arthur, and Daniel Tiger, among others. The only drawback is that access to Kanopy necessitates owning a library card; however, many public libraries have been closed to prevent the spread of coronavirus.


1. Is Netflix the only streaming service?

A: Netflix is not the only streaming service. There are a variety of other options available, some of which are listed below.

2. What is the difference between Netflix and online streaming?

A: The main difference is that Netflix has its own content library, whereas other websites (such as Youtube) solely focus on hosting third-party videos. Streaming works through any service which is hosted by a website; data gets sent to you over the internet in real time. Compare this with pay-per-view, where the data is sent to you directly by a third party.

3. Is it legal?

A: Yes. Using streaming services is generally legal; most users will only come into contact with video that they also have permission to view (because their subscriptions do not allow them access). However, sites like Popcorn Time host pirated material, which is illegal in many countries.

4. Can I get viruses from streaming websites?

A: No. Streaming content is not downloaded onto your computer, so you are unable to download viruses along with the video streams. Sites which offer downloads may contain malware or spyware, however.

5. How do I use streaming services?

A: All of these sites are easy to use; just type the name into your web browser and hit enter. You will then be taken to the website, where you can start streaming immediately.

6. Do I need an account?

A: Yes, most streaming sites require you to create an account before you can watch any videos. This is because it allows the site to keep track of what you have watched, as well as ensure that you are paying for the appropriate subscription.

7. Do I need to download any software?

A: No, you do not need to download any software in order to stream videos from these sites. All you need is a web browser and an internet connection.

8. Can I watch them on my TV?

A: Yes. Most of these websites offer apps which you can download onto your phone or tablet to stream videos directly onto your television (by connecting your device to the HDMI port). This works in exactly the same way as if you were downloading content from Netflix; however, it means that you don’t use up your mobile data when viewing.

9. What devices can I watch them on?

A: You can stream from the web browser in the following devices: iPhone, iPad, Android phones/tablets, Windows Phone, PS3/PS4 console, Xbox One/360 console, Wii U console and Roku.

10. Do I need to pay for anything?

A: Most of these sites offer a free trial in order to entice new users. After the trial period, you will need to purchase a subscription in order to access all of the content; some also offer individual videos that do not require a subscription (just like Netflix).


It’s time to breathe new life into your streaming experience. There are plenty of other options for you to explore, all with different pros and cons. Share this post with friends who are looking for a good Netflix alternative so that they don’t miss out on the latest trends in entertainment. If you’re interested in finding out more about these alternatives, leave your own comment below! We’ll be happy to answer any questions or provide additional information as needed.

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