Best KissAnime Alternatives

Top 10 Best KissAnime Alternatives of 2021

KissAnime is one of the best anime websites for watching Japanese anime. It has a large collection of top Anime titles to watch, with very easy navigation making it simple to find your preferred anime title to watch. KissAnime also has an excellent user interface, with a wide range of features that makes watching anime even more enjoyable. The website is free to use and does not require any registration.

However, KissAnime is not the only anime streaming website out there. Here are 10 alternatives to KissAnime that you might want to check out:

Why Was KissAnime Shut Down?

This year on August 14, KissAnime was shut down. The reason for this is unclear, but many people are pointing to the website’s Terms of Service which states that you must be over 18 years old to use the site. This may have triggered a change in legislation that forced KissAnime to shut down. Alternatively, it could have been due to concerns about illegal sharing of copyrighted content / DMCA takedown requests / anti-piracy actions.

However, there are still legal alternatives you can use if you’re looking for anime streaming websites other than KissAnime. These are spread around various types of platforms so they are accessible on any device too – including PCs, smartphones and tablets. You can even watch them directly on your TV using devices such as Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV Stick, and Chromecast.

The 10 Best KissAnime Alternatives Sites

#1: Animeid


  • Link:

This site is free anime streaming service which streams certain legal Anime series without subtitles in HD quality. In case there are no streams available for the episode you want to watch, the website’s search engine will automatically look for another stream from another server that has been found online.

#2: GoGoAnime


  • Link:

Like Kiss anime, this platform also offers high-quality video streaming and even higher than its competitor sites and options such as downloading and torrenting are also offered. The only downside to this platform is that it’s not available in English language, but if you’re fluent with other languages you shouldn’t have any problems using the site.

#3: Anime-Planet


  • Link:

This is a free Anime series site that offers lots of legal Anime shows for free streaming on multiple servers. This site also has an option for subtitles in English, French, Spanish and Chinese languages. The downside to this platform is that some of their links are not working somewhere between 20% – 30%.

#4: Watchcartoononline


  • Link:

Another good KissAnime alternative is Watchcartoononline which as the name suggests, specializes in streaming cartoons. As of this writing, they have over 1300 cartoon titles on their website and new episodes are added every day so there’s definitely something for everyone on this site. The only downside to it is that it doesn’t offer Anime series which might be a put-off for some people but for those who just want to watch cartoons, this site is perfect.



  • Link:

Crunchyroll is another famous website for streaming Japanese anime online. It has also garnered much praise from lovers of Anime throughout the world. Just like Kissanime, it features popular titles, but adds several other elements which make it an alternative worth considering if you love Anime.

Paid membership allows users to access all available content, whereas free membership opens only seven shows per week and the non-member has to watch ads.

Crunchyroll is a safe website for watching Anime as it does not contain any virus or malware, and the user interface is also good.

#6: MangaFox


  • Link:

MangaFox is one of the oldest KissAnime replacement and has been online for over 10 years now, which means they have a huge collection of many different Anime series and Manga comics to choose from. However, like KissAnime, this website doesn’t offer subtitled Anime shows and you’ll need to find English-subtitled videos elsewhere before uploading them here. That being said, if you’re looking for a large site that offers tons of Manga titles in addition to Anime TV shows then this is the right place.

#7: AnimeLab


  • Link:

AnimeLab is a website that offers legal Anime series streaming, however this platform doesn’t offer cartoons or any other type of anime shows. AnimeLab also has a YouTube channel where they upload English-subbed Anime episodes which you can watch for free. This site currently offers 103 titles and all their videos are available in HD quality with ads only appearing before the starting of each episode.

#8: Masterani


  • Link: is a site that specializes in streaming Anime series and movies from countries where there are no official channels available which stream shows. The only downside to this platform is that their content mostly consists of Anime series from Japan, China and South Korea – other countries’ Anime shows are rarely found here. However, the good news is that all the Anime series found on can be watched for free with ads playing before each video while you have the option of buying a membership if you don’t want any ads at all.

#9: AnimeFreak


  • Link:

Another free site that has a huge collection of different Anime series and movies is AnimeFreak which was created in 2003. This website doesn’t offer streaming but it does have a lot of content for you to choose from, especially if you’re specifically interested in older Anime shows. Just like KissAnime, this platform also offers subtitle options for selected titles and subtitles can be downloaded separately from the video files themselves. However, some of the user comments indicate that the loading time on this site is too slow so they might be more suitable only if you want to look at pictures instead.

#10: Chia-Anime


  • Link:

Chia-Anime is another free streaming site that has a huge collection of Anime series with many being subbed in English as they are mostly from the United States and Canada, which means you can watch them with subtitles if needed. Chia-Anime is an ad-supported platform so it’s only natural for videos to play before your chosen titles but their links don’t always work properly. However, this doesn’t happen all the time so you might be able to find non-broken links here too. That being said, Chia-Anime offers about 400 Anime TV shows for your viewing pleasure making it one of the best KissAnime alternatives available.


We have to say that there are so many KissAnime alternatives available on the internet today, it’s hard to keep track of them all. That being said, we’ve done our research and compiled a list of some of the best sites out there for watching anime online for free. All these online streaming services offer not only tons of movies, shows, manga, and anime series but also apps you can download to your PC or mobile device without any registration requirements whatsoever.

If you’re looking to watch anime online in its original Japanese language with subtitles then this is the place to go! Some other perks include an ad-free experience as well as high definition viewing options too. So take a look at our recommendations below if you want more KissAnime alternatives in your life!

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