One Drive Disable Green Check Marks Featured

How to Disable Check Mark Badges in OneDrive

On Windows 10, OneDrive takes advantage of different badge kinds to communicate data conditions. Generally, they offer their function well by allowing you understand whether your data are either proactively syncing or currently synced with the cloud. However just up until you transform Data Traveler’s Sight setting to Checklist or Information, which is where points begin to obtain complicated.

One Drive Disable Green Check Marks Featured

It goes without saying, the environment-friendly check marks presented over totally synced products do not fairly healthy well the small symbols that the Checklist and also Information settings include, therefore making it alongside difficult to compare specific data kinds. For instance, when was the last time you inadvertently opened up a Word paper believing that it was an Excel spread sheet?

Nevertheless, OneDrive does not supply any kind of integrated methods to disable these check mark badges– or none of the various other condition badges for that issue. However luckily, you take advantage of a covering expansion customer to do the job rather. If you do not such as third-party applications, you’ll additionally locate a workaround that can minimize the problem to a particular level.

Utilizing NirSoft ShellExView

Nirsoft ShellExView is a completely cost-free application that allows you rapidly situate and also eliminate covering expansions connected to the environment-friendly check mark badges in OneDrive. Utilize the switch listed below to download it either in ZIP layout or as an installable.exe data.

After drawing out or setting up ShellExView, launch the application with management advantages, and afterwards await a quick minute while it tons up a checklist of all covering expansions on your computer.


One Drive Disable Green Check Marks 1

Once it does that, scroll down and also situate the expansions identified ‘UpToDateCloudOverlayHandler Class,’ ‘UpToDatePinnedOverlayHandler Class,’ and also ‘UpToDateUnpinnedOverlayHandler Class.’

Following, hold back the Ctrl secret and also click each expansion to pick all 3 of them. Ultimately, right-click and also choose the Disable Selected Things alternative from the pop-up food selection.

One Drive Disable Green Check Marks 2

Later, leave the application, and afterwards reboot your computer. Head over to the OneDrive folder, and also you must no more see any kind of environment-friendly check mark badges. No matter, you’ll still see badges connected to energetic syncing, sharing, mistakes, and so on, though they should not present excessive of an issue in regards to symbol presence.

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If you wish to do away with any kind of various other badges in OneDrive, you require to disable the complying with covering expansions by means of ShellExView. Nevertheless, it’s truly not advised that you do that because there’s no other way to determine valuable conditions or any kind of possible troubles that happen when syncing data.

  • ErrorOverlayHandler Course— red-colored badges that signify sync mistakes
  • ReadOnlyOverlayHandler Course— lock-shaped badges that show read-only products
  • SharedOverlayHandler Course— human-shaped icons that indicate shared products
  • SyncingOverlayHandler Course— revolving icons that signify proactively syncing data and also folders

Once More, just take into consideration switching off these condition badges if you truly need to. For instance, disabling the ‘ErrorOverlayHandler Class’ expansion isn’t a great suggestion because you will not know any kind of sync problems– unless you wish to depend only on OneDrive notices.

Workaround– Change to Documents as needed

Although OneDrive gives no integrated alternative to eliminate check marks from totally synced data, it does allow you move the badges far from the data icons themselves right into their very own different column. To do that, you require to activate the Record On-Demand attribute inside OneDrive.

Nevertheless, this transforms the default capability of OneDrive instead significantly. While any kind of data that are currently synced with your computer system aren’t impacted, any kind of products posted from various other gadgets must just appear as placeholders on your computer up until you pick to either open or download them.

Note: To allow Record On-Demand, your computer must go for the very least the Autumn Designer’s Update

Click the OneDrive symbol on the system tray, and afterwards click A lot more. On the context food selection, click Setups.

One Drive Disable Green Check Marks 4

Change to the Setups tab, and afterwards click package alongside Record On-Demand. Ultimately, click OK to conserve your modifications.

One Drive Disable Green Check Marks 5

Head over to the OneDrive folder, and also you must see all badges provided individually within a committed Condition column. Also when utilizing various other Sight settings such as Checklist or Huge Symbols, condition badges are presented separately from data symbols.

One Drive Disable Green Check Marks 6


Say Goodbye To Complication

So, you have actually currently undergone 2 approaches that you can make use of to quit those environment-friendly check mark badges from entering your means. Just make use of ShellExView to do away with them totally, or the Documents as needed workaround to make them much less of an inconvenience. Say goodbye to complication in between data kinds, ideally.

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