Best Running Apps For Apple Watch

Top 10 Best Running Apps For Apple Watch of 2022

Running is a great way to stay in shape, and if you’re using an Apple Watch, there are some great running apps available to help you track your progress. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at the best running apps for the Apple Watch, and we’ll also discuss some of the features that these apps offer. So if you’re looking for a great running app to use with your Apple Watch, read on for our recommendations!

List of 10 Best Apple Watch Running Apps

#1 Nike Run Club

Nike Run Club

Nike Run Club is the perfect running partner, whether you’re just starting out or are a seasoned marathoner. With personalized coaching programs and audio instructions, this app will help you achieve your running goals. And with GPS tracking, you’ll always know how far and how fast you’ve gone. Whether you’re looking to improve your speed or just want to stay healthy and active, Nike Run Club is the perfect solution.

With audio directions and the ability to race against yourself, this app provides a convenient, hands-free experience that is designed for outdoor jogging. Whether you’re on a treadmill or out and about, Nike Run Club monitors extra information like elevation to give you an even more accurate picture of your progress. If you’re feeling competitive, join one of the leader boards and push yourself to achieve even greater results.


  • Gives personalized coaching and audio instructions
  • GPS tracking records speed and distance
  • Competitive leader boards add an element of fun


  • Some users complain about battery drainage issues

#2 Strava


If you’re a runner, Strava is a must-have app. With the Strava Apple Watch app, you can track your runs directly on your wristwatch, without having to bring your iPhone along. The app is highly reliable and provides real-time data on your progress. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced runner, Strava is the perfect tool to help you achieve your fitness goals.

Strava is the perfect app for you! With both indoor and outdoor tracking capabilities, as well as heart rate sensor integration, you’ll get all the standard running numbers along with auditory cues to keep track of your speed and distance.

Plus, if you’re willing to pay for a Strava membership, you can access a variety of training regimens and routines to help you mix things up. So whether you’re just starting out or looking to take your running game to the next level, Strava has got you covered.


  • Tracks both indoor and outdoor running
  • Uses heart rate monitor data
  • Audio cues to update pace and distance


  • Paid subscription needed for extra features such as training plans and workouts.

#3 Endomondo


If you’re looking for a top-quality fitness app to track your running and biking progress, Endomondo is the perfect choice. This app has been trusted by athletes for years thanks to its simple design and wealth of features. It keeps track of your time, distance, pace, and heart rate so you can stay on top of your game. Plus, with Endomondo’s Apple Watch integration, you have all the information you need right at your fingertips. So whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, Endomondo has everything you need to reach your fitness goals.

It’s packed with features that will help you track your progress and improve your performance, no matter how experienced you are. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, Endomondo has something to offer. Premium members have access to training programs and coaching tips, while everyone can enjoy GPS tracking, route planning, and performance analysis. So download Endomondo today and start reaching your fitness goals!


  • Small incremental changes of effort
  • Solid GPS tracking and workout data
  • Detailed performance analysis with statistical breakdowns of pace, speed, etc.


  • Unimpressive calorie measurements (can be inaccurate)

#4 Runkeeper GPS Running Tracker


GPS Running Tracker Runkeeper is the perfect application for runners of all levels. Whether you’re a beginner just starting out, or an experienced marathon runner, this app has everything you need to track your progress and stay on top of your running goals. With GPS tracking and detailed route mapping, you’ll be able to see where you’ve been and where you’re going with pinpoint accuracy. And with groups based on running level, distance, or time, you can find the perfect running partner or community to keep you motivated.

This GPS Running Tracker makes it easy to access weekly, monthly and yearly progress stats, so you can see how far you’ve come – no matter what time of year it is. You can also sync your Spotify and iTunes playlists to keep your tunes fresh, as well as use the app for treadmill runs. Just be aware that the GPS isn’t quite as accurate as Strava’s.


  • Comprehensive tracking stats available via the app, website and Apple Watch companion
  • Compatible with a variety of fitness apps including Spotify to stream your playlists while you run
  • Routes can be planned on the app or through third party mapping software, then downloaded for offline use. This is great if you want to take a spontaneous running trip to the country without worrying about mobile data usage
  • Includes a social community aspect to keep you motivated with regular challenges and races


  • The GPS tracking can be a little less accurate than Strava

#5 Map My Run

Map My Run

Map My Run is the perfect app for anyone who wants to get fit and stay healthy. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced runner, Map My Run will help you achieve your fitness goals. With our easy-to-use GPS route finder, you can explore new routes and track your progress along the way. Stay motivated with detailed heart rate and calorie tracking, and share your successes with friends on social media.

The app includes detailed maps of your route, as well as real-time data analysis so you can track your progress. You can also connect with other runners in the Map My Run community and get support and encouragement from fellow fitness enthusiasts. And if you use gadgets like the Fitbit or Apple Watch, Map My Run integrates seamlessly with those devices to give you even more data about your workouts. So download Map My Run today and start getting fit!


  • Impeccable design
  • Thorough exercise data
  • Great social system


  • Some users complain about bugs in the app.

#6 C25K 5K Trainer

C25K 5K Trainer

Looking to start running but don’t know where to start? Look no further than C25K 5K Trainer! This tried-and-true program is perfect for beginner runners, and with the help of a handy voice coach and notifications, it’s simple to get started. When you’re on the verge of giving up, this app will force you to continue running. The 5K program consists of several sessions, the first of which focuses mostly on walking and running until you progressively adapt and complete the whole 5K.

Whether you’re a beginner or experienced runner, this app will help you achieve your fitness goals. It has many features that make running more fun, such as the ability to listen to your own music and playlists. Plus, it integrates with Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, so you can connect with other runners and get motivated to keep pushing yourself. With an easy-to-follow tutorial, the C25K 5K Trainer is the perfect way to start improving your health today.


  • Beginner-friendly
  • Integrates with social media
  • Plenty of customization options


  • Can be challenging for beginners

#7 Runtastic


Enjoy a more enthusiastic approach to fitness with Runtastic! This trusted running application features an integrated GPS and voice coach to monitor your progress, as well as provide guidance and encouragement. Keep track of all your physical activities, from biking and skiing to running, with ease – set yearly goals and smash them! The integrated music player ensures that you’ll never get bored during your workouts.


  • Integrated GPS and voice coach
  • Track all physical activities
  • Set yearly goals and smash them!
  • Entertaining music player


  • Free version sprinkled with ads

#8 Intervals Pro

Intervals Pro

If you’re looking to take your interval training to the next level, look no further than Intervals Pro. This powerful app was designed specifically for interval training, and it offers a wealth of options to help you monitor your progress. With Intervals Pro, you can choose time-based intervals, distance-based intervals, or count up intervals – whatever works best for you. Plus, the app integrates seamlessly with the Apple Watch so you can leave your iPhone at home and still track your progress. And if that’s not enough, Intervals Pro also comes packed with templates and training plans to help you get the most out of your workouts.


  • Specifically designed for interval training
  • Integrates seamlessly with the Apple Watch
  • Packed with templates and training plans


  • None!

#9 Apple Workout

Apple Workout

Apple Workout is the workout program for those who demand the best possible experience and results. The seamless connection with the Apple ecosystem ensures you’ll have no issues, while features like Interval & Splits help increase the difficulty of your exercises. Additionally, the watch records distance, time, active calories, average pace, and other parameters that provide insight into your progress – so you can see how far you’ve come!


  • Superior design and seamless connection with Apple ecosystem
  • Interval & Split support for increased difficulty
  • Records distance, time, active calories, average pace, and other progress parameters


  • None that I can think of!

#10 RockMyRun


When it comes to staying motivated while you work up a sweat, RockMyRun has you covered. This top-rated running app for iPhone and Apple Watch is perfect for anyone from beginners to experienced athletes, with features like music streaming that’ll keep your legs moving and your heart pumping.

The Apple Watch version, like the iPhone version uses the sensors inside your phone to track your heart rate and other metrics about your workout. It also features music control, enabling you to use the watch’s interface to play, pause, or skip songs during your run without ever having to touch your phone.


  • Standalone Apple Watch app with music control
  • Tracks heart rate and other workout metrics
  • Streams music to keep you motivated


  • Bug with music streaming

What Features To Look For In A Running App For Apple Watch

If you are looking for the best running app for your Apple Watch, there are a few features you should look for. Here are 10 of the most important:

  1. Easy to use – The app should be easy to use right from the start, with no complicated instructions to follow.
  2. Map tracking – This is a key feature for runners, as it allows you to see your progress on a map as you run.
  3. Pace tracking – Another important feature for runners, pace tracking lets you see how fast or slow you are running.
  4. Distance tracking – This tells you how far you have run, so you can track your progress over time.
  5. Set a goal – You should be able to set a target or a goal for each run, so you have something to focus on while running.
  6. Workout reminders – This is important if you are training for an event and need regular workouts, as it reminds you to start your run at the correct time.
  7. Weather updates – The app should give you weather updates during your run, so you can adjust your clothing or running plan accordingly.
  8. Music playback – You can listen to music while running with some apps, which can make the experience more enjoyable.
  9. Social media integration – Some apps allow you to share your run progress with friends on social media, which can help keep you motivated.
  10. Activity tracking – Many running apps include tools for assessing your overall level of activity and fitness, so you can monitor your overall health as well as your running performance.


If you’re a runner, it can be tough to find the perfect running app for intervals and splits. We did the research so that you wouldn’t have to! All of these running apps for Apple Watch are trusted by millions of runners out there, and we encourage you to consider them when tracking your workouts. Which one looks promising? Let us know in the comment section below! And if you want more great content like this article on our website, keep reading or subscribe here for updates from time-to-time.

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