Best Email Clients For Mac

Top 9 Best Email Clients For Mac of 2022 You Should Try

There are a number of different email clients for Mac users to choose from, but the best ones offer features that make managing your email easier and more efficient. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the best email clients for Mac users and discuss what makes them stand out from the competition.

Benefits Of Using An Email Client

There are lots of benefits to using an email client for Mac (for example, a stand-alone app) instead of checking your mail in a browser. For one thing, because you’re not logging into a website, there’s no chance that someone will hack your account and have full access to everything in it.

Email clients also give you more flexibility with notifications: for example, many apps let you snooze new messages so they’ll reappear when you need them. They can also help protect your data from prying eyes by automatically encrypting information before it leaves your computer—as well as after it arrives at its destination.

Email clients also typically offer better search tools than webmail services do. If you use Gmail, for instance, you can search through all of your messages, including those you’ve deleted, as well as your entire mailbox for specific terms. You can also save searches for later use.

What To Look For When Choosing An Email Client For Mac

There are many different choices when it comes to email clients for Mac. Before making a purchase, there are several things you should consider. Here is a list of the top 5 features I look for when choosing an email client on my Mac.

1) Ease of use

An intuitive user interface is essential to have a great experience with any software or app that you use on a regular basis. You don’t want to spend hours just learning how the application works and what everything does, instead, you want your software to be easy to learn and provide all of its functionality in an immediately available fashion. This feature is especially important if you’re new to email clients as some applications can be more complicated than others.

2) Appearance

A great email client should have a modern and polished appearance that complements the look of your Mac. It’s important that the client doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb and makes you feel like you’re using outdated software.

3) Functionality

There are many different features to consider when looking for an email client, but some of the most important ones include support for multiple accounts, email filters, and the ability to preview attachments without having to open them. Ensure that any potential clients you’re considering have all the features you need and nothing more (or less).

4) Speed

Nobody wants to wait around for their email client to load messages or attachments. Make sure to choose an application that loads messages quickly without any lag or delay. If your email client is slow, chances are you’ll leave it for something faster.

5) Customer support

Email clients are an essential tool to have on your computer. Problems with the email client can sometimes cause inconvenience and frustration if they’re not fixed properly. When choosing an email client, always consider whether there’s a customer service number or help manual that comes along with it in case you run into problems using the application.

List of 9 Best Mac Email Clients

#1 MailMate



MailMate is a new addition to a crowded field of email clients that came out in 2019 and immediately rose to the top for being an extremely powerful application with a very minimalist design. It supports all of the most popular webmail services, such as Gmail, Yahoo!, Outlook, iCloud, Office 365 accounts, mail servers through IMAP and SMTP protocols, and custom mails through POP3 or sendmail . In addition to receiving emails from multiple accounts on the same page thanks to its innovative three-column layout, Mailmate can also handle each account separately.

MailMate’s powerful search engine allows you to jump back and forth between multiple drafts, attachments, images, or any part of an email with ease. The application also supports PGP encryption natively, so MailMate can encrypt emails at rest using its own end-to-end encryption protocol based on OpenPGP . It even supports Touch ID for an extra layer of security!


  • Ultra-powerful search features
  • Three column layout allows you to see your mailboxes side by side


  • Bloated UI may be confusing for first time users

#2 Apple Mail (FREE)

Apple Mail

Apple Mail is the default email client that comes pre-installed on macOS. It’s a simple, reliable email client that has been around for many years and integrates well with other Apple products. It supports all major email services, such as Outlook, Gmail, and iCloud, and its user interface is polished and responsive.

Apple Mail has a traditional three-column layout that displays your inbox on the left, individual emails on the right, and a list of messages in the main window. You can quickly select multiple emails by dragging a box around them or pressing the Command key while clicking each email. Apple Mail also supports drag-and-drop for quickly moving messages to different folders.

Apple Mail doesn’t support many advanced features, but it’s a great email client for managing large inboxes and it integrates well with macOS.


  • Integrates well with other Apple products
  • Supports all major email services


  • Lacks advanced features
  • Doesn’t support many email services

#3 AirMail



AirMail is a Mac OS X alternative to the Windows version of Microsoft Outlook , which is another email client perfect for both novice and advanced users alike. AirMail offers a very attractive, yet minimalistic interface that displays all your emails in a simple list format with one email being displayed at a time. This design makes browsing through large inboxes quick and easy because it doesn’t take much to scan your mailbox.

AirMail works seamlessly across many popular email services, such as Gmail, Yahoo!, iCloud, Office 365 accounts, mail servers through IMAP or SMTP protocols, or any other custom mails . It also integrates into almost every major calendar service out there including Google Calendar , iCloud Calendar , Microsoft Exchange/Outlook , Sunbird , iCalendar , davidcalendar , hncal endar , and more.

AirMail also supports encryption through PGP, offers a quick filter to easily find flagged messages, and has a built-in unsubscribe feature for removing yourself from mailing lists.


  • Attractive, minimalist design
  • Works with many popular email and calendar services


  • Expensive compared to other email clients

#4 Thunderbird



Thunderbird is Mozilla’s free and open source cross-platform email client that’s been around since 2002 . It’s an ideal email client for people who want more control over their emails because it allows you to customize almost everything, from how your inbox looks to how your emails are encrypted.

Thunderbird’s customizable interface is very similar to Windows’ Mail or Outlook . It displays your emails as a list of conversations so you can see all the information within a thread. This makes it easy to keep track of which messages have been replied to and who they were sent to, but finding older ones or hunting down new emails from one person is a bit trickier.

Thunderbird also has a powerful search engine with support for searching across multiple accounts at once, although some advanced options are rather hidden from the user interface. Regardless, Thunderbird offers encryption through PGP out of the box and can connect to almost any email service.


  • Powerful search features
  • Lots of options


  • Difficult to use for beginners
  • Search engine is hidden behind many options

#5 Spark



Spark is another email client for Mac that was first released in 2016 . It’s designed to be simple and fast with a modern interface that looks great on macOS Mojave . Spark integrates with many popular services such as iCloud, Gmail, Outlook 365, Exchange, Yahoo! Mail, and IMAP mail servers. It also supports Touch ID for an extra layer of security.

Spark offers a few handy features that aren’t found in some of the other email clients on this list. For example, you can snooze emails so they disappear from your inbox and reappear at a later time, or you can pin them to the top so they don’t get lost in the shuffle. Spark also has a built-in task manager so you can create tasks from emails and track them as they progress.


  • Modern interface
  • Integrates with many popular services
  • Snooze and pin emails


  • Limited customization options

#6 Postbox



Postbox is a desktop email client for Mac that’s been around since 2006 and has amassed a large following of users. It supports all the most popular webmail services, such as Gmail, Yahoo!, Outlook, iCloud, Office 365 accounts, mail servers through IMAP and SMTP protocols, and custom mails . It also integrates into Calendar apps like BusyCal and iCalendar to show your schedule right inside Postbox.

Postbox makes it easy to organize your email with powerful search capabilities and tons of filters that help you quickly find what you need. You can also create rules to automatically file or delete emails based on certain conditions. For example, you could create a rule that moves all messages from a certain sender into a specific folder.

Postbox also offers a ton of add-ons that allow you to do things like encrypt emails, track email opens and clicks, or create reusable templates for your most common emails.


  • Filters prevent you from accidentally sending an email with no file attached.
  • There are many different filtering choices.
  • There is a large range of email templates and ready-made replies to choose from.
  • The user interface is excellent.


  • Bulky and slow

#7 Bluemail



Bluemail is a free open source email client for Mac that’s highly customizable and easy to use. It supports multiple accounts, quick search, message threading, and color labels. Important account credentials can be stored in the keychain for protection while built-in encryption uses the OpenPGP standard. Bluemail also offers full support for PGP and S/MIME .


  • The user interface allows you to customize practically anything to your own personal liking


  • Limited email list management tools

#8 TwoBird



TwoBird is a great, free email client for macOS that integrates with many email services, such as Gmail, Outlook, iCloud, and Exchange. It has a two-pane layout that displays your inbox and folders on the left and the contents of an individual email on the right. You can quickly select multiple emails by dragging a box around them or pressing the Command key while clicking each email.

TwoBird also supports PGP encryption for enhanced privacy and lets you send encrypted messages to anyone who has a public PGP key. Unfortunately, TwoBird doesn’t support sending encrypted messages to people who don’t have a PGP key, which is a major downside.

TwoBird is fast and reliable, and it’s great for managing large email inboxes. It also integrates well with macOS, and its dark mode is perfect for working in low-light conditions.


  • Integrates well with many email services
  • Dark mode is perfect for low-light conditions


  • Doesn’t support sending encrypted messages to people without a PGP key

#9 Mailspring



Mailspring is a modern, free email client for macOS that aims to be “the Finder of email” by integrating with many different webmail services in one place. It has a traditional two-column layout that displays your inbox on the left and an individual email on the right. With Mailspring, you can search through multiple emails simultaneously with one search bar instead of having to open up each individual conversation for searching.

You can also view all newsletters in your account at once. Mailspring integrates well with macOS, so it supports things like Quick Look previews, notifications, full screen mode, and more. You can even send encrypted messages to anyone who has a public PGP key without having to leave the app.

Mailspring also offers a dark mode, which is perfect for low-light conditions.


  • Integrates well with many email services
  • Dark mode is perfect for low-light conditions
  • Offers a variety of features not found in other email clients


  • Lacks support for some advanced features


When deciding on the best email app for Mac, it’s important to think about what you need. Email apps are different in that they suit people with various needs and use cases differently. Some want a simple experience like Apple Mail, but also want advanced features like Spark (which I recommend). Others might be looking for an email client solely focused on productivity with extra tools like MailMate or Airmail. Whatever your reasoning is behind wanting one of these options, we can help with our team of experts ready to partner with you when making this decision! What do you think? Have you found an email app yet? Let us know if so–we’re here to help!

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